Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Double the fun

During our tww we went on vacation for my birthday. We went to Boston for the first time and it was great. Right before we left my (pregnant) cousin/bestfriend was in town for my birthday and we decided to test in the morning. We originally decided to test everyday to take off the pressure. I tested and there was no line, I didn't test the day after. That night DH asked if I would test in the morning and I said yes. I did and got two lines, had to drag the blank out of the trash to show DH and prove that the trigger tested out. We tested everyday of our vacation too and watched the line get darker and darker. We had our first and second betas with numbers like 2805 and 5800+. Yesterday was DH birthday and we were scheduled for our first U/S. We saw two heartbeats, two growing babies.

Here is our U/S story: So up until yesterday we knew there could be two but had no confirmation. It is late June and anyone who doesn’t work in the medical field does not know this but July first is the new year for medicine, everyone graduates and moves up and newbies come in. Usually the last two weeks of June are transition for this soon to be chaos of new roles. So there was a new doctor (probably a new fellow) working with my normal fellow at the fertility center. She found the baby and listened to the heart, my doc was showing her how to measure and save things on the U/S. and she didn’t know me at all, so after all that, while me and DH are wondering if this is everything, my doc says we have to scan and see if there are two. She does some scanning, baby two is always more “squished” he says and we see something, zoom in and listen and there we have it another heartbeat. DH grabbed my arm and kissed me and then it was all smiles and happiness while they measured everything on twin B. DH did ask me on the way home if I have any friends with twins, I have an aunt/fam friend but hers are 14 now, I told him this, I also told him the ladies I talk to on ravelry that have twins from the IVF thread. His response was: I guess we will just wing it, we are good at that anyway. It was cute.

So double the trouble, double the fun. We will be playing along acting like we know what we are doing.

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